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No Villain A Day today

The last entry, Warbride, will be tomorrow. We've had a situation here. Everyone's healthy, there's no trouble, but it has taken some time to resolve.

And I really really want to include the severed head of Felipe Espinoza in a jar in Warbride: The miniseries, but I'm not totally sure how I will.

(Yes, Felipe Espinoza was an 1860s serial killer—well, more like a mass murderer: he and his brother declared war on the United States and killed a number of soldiers as a result. His head was apparently pickled and displayed as an attraction. I haven't found a record of this past the 1890s...but on the other hand, I haven't found a record of someone pouring out the formaldehyde and burying the head, either. I know the concept of an oracular head in a jar has been used, but really...isn't that what a pickled human head in a jar is for?

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