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ICONS links -- our games

Putting all the links in one place. Not burying the links in words for two reasons: (a) Someone, like me, might print this out; and (b) it's easier.

Session write-ups

Most of these are written by and courtesy of James Nicoll.

Hope Preparatory School





Other ICONS links:

Wiki of general goodness

Just Add Heroes (a blog)

ICONS mailing list on Yahoo

RPG.net example of combat

Sean Patrick Fannon's combat example

Adamant Entertainment

Vigilance Press and their podcast (I don't care about the WWII stuff, but I like the Field Guides and the background there; I looove Frog-Girl)

Discussion of aspects in FATE (relevant, I think)

Dan Houser's ad on RPG.net

A character generator.

To be updated if I remember.

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